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Street picture, symbolizes road traffic
Cloud picture, symbolizes air traffic

District Associations

The German Association of Transport Sciences is composed of 17 District Associations that organize the work of the DVWG on a regional level. They arrange conferences and field trips. The District Board with chairman and managing director who are elected by the general meeting, preside over the District Association.

The District Associations are entitled to become self-contained associations by entry in the register of associations (legally self-contained associations). Details in respect of rights and duties of the District Associations are arranged in the bylaws and financial regulations of the DVWG as well as the specimen bylaws for self-contained District Associations.

By clicking on the corresponding zones of the map below you can get to the different District Associations.

BV_Karte_2016 Bezirksvereinigung Oberrhein Bezirksvereinigung Nordbayern Bezirksvereinigung FrankfurtRheinMain Bezirksvereinigung Rheinland Bezirksvereinigung Berg und Mark Bezirksvereinigung Nordhessen Bezirksvereinigung Hamburg Bezirksvereinigung Schleswig-Holstein Bezirksvereinigung Niedersachsen-Bremen Bezirksvereinigung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Bezirksvereinigung Rhein-Ruhr-Westfalen Bezirksvereinigung Sachsen Bezirksvereinigung Berlin-Brandenburg Bezirksvereinigung Mitteldeutschland Bezirksvereinigung Württemberg Bezirksvereinigung Freiburg Bezirksvereinigung Südbayern
Cranes and harbour facilities, symbolize shipping traffic
Picture of rail tracks, symbolizes rail traffic

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