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Street picture, symbolizes road traffic
Cloud picture, symbolizes air traffic
Key Visual of the DVWG with pictures of the four carriers

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest organ of the DVWG and an assembly of members in the sense of §32 BGB. It consists of elected delegates from the District Associations, the chairmen of the District Associations, the chairmen of their Young Forums and the members of the Executive Committee. Any member may participate in the assembly and rise to speak, but may not vote.

The General Assembly meets at least twice a year and has particularly the following responsibilities according to § 9 of the bylaws:

  • It determines the strategic objectives for the scientific and organizational activities of the DVWG.
  • It elects the Executive Committee of the DVWG according to § 10 (4) and may impose its dismissal.
  • It confirms the representative of the Young Forum for the Executive Committee.
  • It determines the association bylaws and changes in the association bylaws.
  • It determines the financial order and the amount of membership fees to be imposed (see financial order).
  • It determines the rules and regulations of the association.
  • It receives the annual report of the Executive Committee, confirms annual accounts on the basis of the assessment of the appointed accountant and decides on discharge.
  • It decides on the budget plan of the association and objectives of medium-term fiscal planning.
  • It confirms the chief executive officer nominated by the Executive Committee.
  • It elects two accountants.
  • It nominates honorary members on recommendation.
  • It deliberates and decides on controversial cases of membership § 7 (2) c.
  • It decides on the dissolution of the association according to § 15 (1) and (2).
Cranes and harbour facilities, symbolize shipping traffic
Picture of rail tracks, symbolizes rail traffic

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