Deutsche Verkehrswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft

Street picture, symbolizes road traffic
Cloud picture, symbolizes air traffic
Key Visual of the DVWG with pictures of the four carriers

The Main Office

The Main Office of the DVWG (HGS) is the central management entity of the DVWG. It represents the association on the federal level and within the European Platform of Transport Sciences. It coordinates the activities of the District Associations, organizes seminars and congresses, vocational training and scientific field trips for current topics in transport science. It creates a neutral platform for the exchange of opinion and transfer of knowledge between politics, economy and science. The information and support of members is managed by the HGS as well as the sale and distribution of all publications.

The Team at the Main Office

Iris Götsch, Team leader of the Main Office
Tel.: +49.30.293606-20,

Thomas Jerger, Accounting & Controlling, Membership Administration, Press Relations
Tel. +49.30.293606-11,

Ekaterina Quehl, Team assistent
Tel. +49.30.293606-11,


The Main Office is supported by the following student assistant:

Moustafa Abrass.


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Cranes and harbour facilities, symbolize shipping traffic
Picture of rail tracks, symbolizes rail traffic

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