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Street picture, symbolizes road traffic
Cloud picture, symbolizes air traffic

The German Association of Transport Sciences publishes own papers and materials on relevant and interesting issues in the fields of transportation throughout the year. There are five different scientific series (B and E are still active. A, C and D are inactive.). Current issues are predominantly published as CD.

Click here to find a list of publications as pdf-download (in German).

Series A

Series A provided a bibliography of monographs in the fields of transportation. The ZIV (Central Transport Information Agency) was instructed by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs (Bundesministerium f├╝r Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung) to publish an annual bibliography that was discontinued in 2001.

Series B

The papers related to the transport conferences and workshops of the DVWG are published in the Series B. Relevant and interesting issues are discussed by competent experts. Because of the topicality these papers provide a sound fundament for further cognitions and developments in the transportation sector.

Ever since issue B280 the Series B has predominantly been published as CD.

Series C

Series C traditionally provided a list of Institutions of the transport sector, mostly with a scientific orientation. The last issue was published in 2001.

Series D

Interesting lectures of central or regional events of the DVWG were published in Series D.

Series E

The activities of the Young Forum are documented in Series E. The results of events or research studies are sporadically published as book or CD. The CD often provides more material than the printed version, like presentations and pictures.

Cranes and harbour facilities, symbolize shipping traffic
Picture of rail tracks, symbolizes rail traffic

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