To date the DVWG has about 2.200 private and corporate members and maintains numerous national and international partnerships with important associations and institutions in the fields of transport and logistics.

One important objective of our association is the development and amelioration of an interdisciplinary scientific dialog between members of scientific, economic and politic communities in all matters regarding transportation sciences. We serve as a neutral platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience between theoretical and practical aspects of sustainable development of transport.

Each year, the DVWG organizes around 200 scientific events, in which current questions in transportation sciences as well as strategic developments of transport are discussed. For 100 years the DVWG has been engaged in all fields of transportation science, at once unifying both tradition and innovation.

In particular, the Young Forum acts towards the assistance and promotion of young members of our scientific community.

At the European level, the DVWG is committed to bringing together transportation science professionals from all European countries within the European Platform of Transport Sciences (EPTS).

The ZIV (Central Transport Information Agency) is responsible for the mediation of literature and contacts for specific topics in the area of transport sciences. Via the ZIV, the DVWG publishes a series of reports discussing results and conclusions of our scientific events (aka Blaue Reihe) and events of the Young Forum (aka Gelbe Reihe).
The DVWG is organized in 21 District Associations, whose activities are centered around regional topics in transportation science.

The DWVG is committed to the improvement of education and research, and offers a podium for discussion and participation for all development processes. Our objectives and challenges are outlined in our overall concept (Leitbild) and consist of 8 main points:

  1. The DVWG is an independent and federally structured nonprofit organization uniting transport science professionals from academic and professional disciplines
  2. The DVWG is interdisciplinary and spans all carriers
  3. The DVWG sees ensuring the mobility of people and goods in an economically, socially and environmentally agreeable manner as its highest cause. Accordingly, the DVWG engages itself for the sustainable development of transport.
  4. The DVWG addresses fundamental and concrete problems of transportation development on all levels (international, national, regional and local). It connects current with strategic long-term challenges in transportation development.
  5. The DVWG offers a neutral platform for a scientific and political exchange of experience and opinions.; it supports the process of opinion formation, supports the transfer of knowledge between theory and practice and contributes to education.
  6. The DVWG sees itself as a partner of politics, sciences, economy and industry.
  7. The DVWG actively assists junior scientists
  8. The DVWG is committed to the process of European unification and supports this development with its scientific activities.